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Q: Why some components do not work properly?

A: Please ALWAYS UPDATE the plugin to the newest version before debugging.

Q: How and where should I ask my question?

A: Instead of sending an email to the developers, we kindly ask you to post your questions in the issue section of the project's github page, so that your questions can be shared with a wider audience. Also, if you have some ideas about new features that could be added, you are more than welcome to post feature requests in that section.

To post a question/idea, you can simply click the New issue button and describe your question/idea on the following page, and we will check the section periodically. More info about creating issues could be found here.


Q: How should I fill the gap if the base triangles do not fill the boundary provided ?

A: Users can scale the triangles using the Scale parameter in the SoilBase component. Please refer to the section of the component for more details.