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The Tree cluster provides a series of components that draw parametric diagrams of multi-phased plant systems.

The current of which is the tree compoenet. The tree component is used to draw parametric diagrams of tree systems that are both Unitary and Non-Unitary. The diagrams are generated based on parametric inputs of phase, height, and drawing plane.

Component Usage

Please refer to the following sections for each component from this cluster. Although the information is not needed to generate the tree diagrams, information from the Soil, and Root clusters are required to complete the full diagram illustration.


This component is used to generate sectional tree diagrams based on the given plane, height and phase.



Tree Growth Phases Diagram

Parameter Abbreviation I/O Optional Explanation
Plane P Yes Base plane or planes in which the tree is drawn, the default value is World-XY unless specified.
Height H No Input paramater that controls the height of the drawn tree diagrams.
Phase phase No The growth phase ( [1, 12] ) of the tree, allowing adjustment of the maturity of the tree.
Circumfrence C Circumfrence elipses that control the boundary of the tree.
Trunk T Curves that define the trunk of the tree.
Canopy C The upper limit of the drawn branches of the tree.
SideBranch SB A list of curves that include branches that grow horizontally in respect to the tree trunk.
TopBranch TB A list of curves that grow from the upper portion of the trunk at different phases of tree growth.
BabyBranch BB A list of curves that are drawn to show the development of smaller branches in different phases of growth.
TreeInfo Tinfo Information about the growth of the tree that is used for tree root diagram generation.
  • Context Menu: This component provides an additional option in the context menu choose between unitary or Non Unitary, due to the different tree forms. The selection will trigger different algorithm inside the component for drawing the corrosponding diagram.


The forest section is an extension of the tree component. The tree component can automatically adjust the width of each tree according to its distance from neighboring trees. By modifying the spacing between trees in the Grasshopper file (.gh file), you can create a diagram of a series of trees that are accurately adjusted based on their relationship to one another.

Demo File

The Tree Demo (.gh file) is a grasshopper file that contains example definitions for Tree, Forest, and Tree Root diagram generation. For more information on tree root component see Roots documentation section.